qstd7qstd7qstd7qstd7qstd7qstd7qstd7Pattern type 'glob_sequence' is deprecated: use pattern_type 'glob' instead Could find no file with path '%s' and index in the range %d-%d Unknown value '%d' for pattern_type option force loop over input file sequenceselect glob/sequence pattern typeset range for looking at the first sequence numberset frame timestamp from file's oneimage2 muxerupdatefirststrftimeuse strftime for filenameatomic_writingCould not get frame filename with strftime Could not get frame filename number %d from pattern '%s' (either set updatefirst or use a pattern like %%03d within the filename pattern) bmp,dpx,jls,jpeg,jpg,ljpg,pam,pbm,pcx,pgm,pgmyuv,png,ppm,sgi,tga,tif,tiff,jp2,j2c,j2k,xwd,sun,ras,rs,im1,im8,im24,sunras,xbm,xface,pix,ycontinuously overwrite one filewrite files atomically (using temporary files and renames)<sd7I؃$LOOB??؃$LOOB? 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Max EBML element depth (%d) reached, cannot parse further. EBML header using unsupported features (EBML version %lu, doctype %s, doc version %lu) Unknown or unsupported track type %lu Invalid sample rate %f, defaulting to 8000 instead. Multiple combined encodings not supportedFailed to decode codec private data Too large audio channel number %lu or bitdepth %lu. Skipping track. Unknown/unsupported AVCodecID %s. webm_dash_manifest_initialization_rangewebm_dash_manifest_track_numberwebm_dash_manifest_cluster_keyframewebm_dash_manifest_cue_timestampsaudio/webm,audio/x-matroska,video/webm,video/x-matroskaflag indicating that the input is a live file that only has the headers.0ya0yayaxaxaaa(aȟaȟa`aaaaНaxafIkT@iApCkSgT@tMuC uCfIkSgTtMXXXXfIkSgTtMuC uCfIkSgTtME@gSh0!>Hsd7* @BD({0AWM8aD@s(Xa8h E`ss8M uu P  BBBB6B BB-  LOOB?nSs c(V"@=#PO1#H?XU`pm@UVh%@@;@&mmFnF`F\F~F(xEEEE`g0(cSS`#TT $.(SXU`TTTTT@HSPT@@xdb@@bPs EcxSEDzD9DDg0 ch2ccc 08UUUUU U(U0U8U@UHUPUXU`Uh2P3P4P5P0`1P|C~CUUUUU U(U0U8UHU@TBUBGGGGGGGInvalid track number %d 1.2.3%s/%slibavformat/matroskadec.csize > 0EBML block data error Invalid packet size Unknown entry 0x%X Duplicate element Invalid element Read error EBML header parsing failed Unknown EBML doctype '%s' Unsupported encoding typeenc_key_idV_MS/VFW/FOURCCA_MS/ACMA_QUICKTIMEV_QUICKTIMESMI mov FourCC not found %s. TTA1Invalid FLAC private data stereo_modeD_WEBVTT/CAPTIONSD_WEBVTT/DESCRIPTIONSD_WEBVTT/METADATAincomplete attachment mimetypeFailed to read file headers webm_dash_manifest_durationwebm_dash_manifest_file_namewebm_dash_manifest_cues_startwebm_dash_manifest_cues_endwebm_dash_manifest_bandwidth%s%ldmatroska,webmMatroska / WebMmkv,mk3d,mka,mkswebm_dash_manifestWebM DASH ManifestMAINSSRWebM DASH Manifest demuxer(none)engļB@@eAj@libavformat/matroskaenc.cbytes <= 8num < (1ULL << 56) - 1bytes >= needed_bytessize >= 2%.*s %.*s %.*sencoding_toolstream %d end duration = %lu %02d:%02d:%012.9fExtradata corrupt. LavfD_WEBVTT/SUBTITLESInitial padding is invalid Overflow in display width DURATIONMatroskavideo/x-matroskamkvvideo/webmMatroska Audioaudio/x-matroskamkamatroska muxerwebm muxermatroska audio muxerreserve_index_spacecluster_size_limitcluster_time_limitdash_track_numberallow_raw_vfwallow RAW VFW modetracknum>=0 && tracknum2coef_type & 1genhGENeric Header_S_@_ _____I_I_~_S_&__I_I_I_9_Invalid palette extradata GIF89aNETSCAPE2.0libavformat/gif.cGIF Animationimage/gifGIF muxerPAL8 packet is missing palette in extradata GIF muxer supports only a single video GIF stream. video_par->format == AV_PIX_FMT_PAL8Number of times to loop the output: -1 - no loop, 0 - infinite loopForce delay (in centiseconds) after the last frame s "d7v8!@mV! @Graphic Control Extension block's size less than 4. lzw minimum code size must be >= 1 CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)minimum valid delay between frames (in hundredths of second)maximum valid delay between frames (in hundredths of seconds)default delay between frames (in hundredths of second)ignore loop setting (netscape extension)invalid block label GIF demuxermin_delaymax_gif_delaydefault_delayGIF87aGIF89af$s %d7r$p# p@|$#@$# p@MT($ LOOB?raw GSMgsm demuxerh&s&d7*@?Atoo many index entries %u (%x) invalid first and last sample values unknown version or invalid map preamble material data longer than map data track description longer than map data invalid track description length specified No FPS track tag, using UMF fps tag. This might give wrong results. invalid index length invalid media packet length map packet not found invalid track type %x invalid track id %x sync lost in header timecode_at_mark_intimecode_at_mark_outUMF packet too short UMF packet missing gxfGXF (General eXchange Format)F_F___-_-_____g_g_g_g_8____